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Straight Talk Sim Card compatible Android phone?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by timma100, May 31, 2011.

  1. timma100

    timma100 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm looking for android phones that will work with an AT&T / Straight talk sim card. A friend of mine used an Atrix 4G, and iv seen people do it with Iphones. But I don't really know what to look for, I know it needs to be an unlocked phone thats compatible with GSM I think. any help would be great as i'm very new to this sort of thing.

  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Straight talk is verizon.
  3. timma100

    timma100 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The phone models that end with a c from straight talk use Verizon. Any straight talk phone that uses a sim card uses at&t's gsm network
  4. persim

    persim Guest

    The way I understand it is that any unlocked gsm phone will work, but you will need an ATT one to get "4G".

    The catch is you can not use just any SIM from any Straight Talk phone. Apparently the only Straight Talk SIM's that come unlocked are the ones in the Nokia E71 from Walmart. So you have to buy an E71 from Walmart, activate it and then put the SIM in the Android phone of your choice.

    The other catch is that you can never sell that E71 because if someone else then registers that phone, the SIM you would be using in your Android phone becomes invalid.

    So it's kind of a catch 22 all around. It certainly can save you money over the long run but the upfront cost is a little high.
  5. timma100

    timma100 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info :) I actually bought a 6790 (slide version of E71) so i'm all set in that respect. The Atrix 4G doesnt look that bad now lol, but holy hell 500 bucks for unlocked. well, better then 80 a month... thanks again
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Yup -- that's how GSM works. Make sure you have the bands that you need. At&t 4G doesn't operate on the same band as TMO 4G.
  7. xxjjmxx

    xxjjmxx Lurker

    I have a Nokia E71, I also have a Locked ATT HTC Aria. The Sims worked fine with the phone. How ever I didnt have internet functions. I Had to alter the APN and then I had internet. Its works no matter who tells you what.
    I have a friend with a locked Iphone from ATT and his worked the same way. Straight Talk here in Arkansas shares towers with ATT. Alternatively they have similar APN's.
    If you need these APN's from my HTC Aria /Android PM me and I will send you the info.
  8. helpmeshelly

    helpmeshelly Lurker

    okay... so I have a prepaid tmobile motorola cliq xt. I love it but hate sucky service. I have a nokia 6790 sim card that is straight talk and runs on at&t. Can I just take one card out and out in the other and stay with straight talk?
  9. Renegade1994

    Renegade1994 Lurker

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  10. Renee8475

    Renee8475 Lurker

    Ok, I have been on StraightTalk for a year, and on a smart phone for about 8 months. I did a ton of research which I will share with ya'll. First, StraightTalk has phones that run off AT&T towers, Verizon towers and Sprint Towers. I think they are moving to more Sprint phones, but fully support the others as well. The non-smartphones that have a model number that end with a C, (CDMA) run off the Verizon towers. I have a 455 and a 351. I think I got the models correct. One is a Blackberry copy, and one is a little slider. Those two phones get amazing service, and do go on the internet, but the internet is not that great. BUT, they get amazing service everywhere...Verizon is the "bomb" when it comes to wonderful service. So I bought a Nokia E71 used to get the SIM card. When I put the SIM card in my HTC Inspire (unlocked), and called StraightTalk, they just said I needed a new SIM card and mailed it to me at no cost. I went online and now StraightTalk sells SIM cards, and you just tell it what phone you have. $15. Much better than the $100 I had to pay to get the used phone. True, I am not selling my Nokia, but now maybe I can, I am not sure, so I am not taking chances. My only problem is that I was having some issues with my HTC Inspire, but I liked the phone. So, I just got another HTC Inspire. This new (used) Inspire is unlocked, and I paid to have it rooted. The Hotspot worked for a few times, now it won't work at all. I am traveling, and need it. Any pointers on this aspect of my phone would be appreciated. By the way, I tried the Samsung Galaxy Precedent that StraightTalk sell, and I couldn't get Sprint service hardly anywhere, so I returned it right away and got a full refund.
  11. agdade7790

    agdade7790 Lurker

    Is ZTE z990g compatible with straight talk sim card?

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