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Strange Behaviour - screen burn-in and battery goes up!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mjschmidt, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Noticed some strange behaviour for my my Android phone just now. After DLing an app using the Wifi, and playing with my phone, the battery indicator on the notification bar showed by battery was going down. (I charged my phone last night, so I started the day at 100%).

    I opened "Useful Switchers" to check how much battery was left, and it showed 88%.

    I also noticed my phone was sluggish, and in TaskPanel I discovered I was down to 44 MB Ram. I decided to kill all apps, and reboot my phone. After killing the apps, I turned the phone off.

    Oddly, after shutting down, I noticed that after the phone shut off, part of the little spinning yellow circle (that shows Android was working) was still faintly visible, and very slowly disappearing. I decided to remove the battery to make sure there was no power going to the screen to see if it was image burn in. After removing the battery the screen was completely black.

    I put the battery back in and turned on the phone. After it was done booting up, I noticed that the battery indicator on the notification bar was showing all green again. I opened Useful Switchers, and it reported by battery as being back to 95%!

    I checked in Spare Parts, and it shows the same thing!

    Has anyone else noticed behaviour like this?


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