Help strange calendar problem...


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Hi everyone..

I have been using the 2.1 update for nearly a year with great success... now a strange thing just started hapening. my calendar displays the green appointment marks on the appropriate days but there are no details when i open them.. they are on the correct days as in google calendar.

I notice also that entering a new appointment on a new day does notseem to do anything as there is no display of it afterwards, on the phone... yet it uploads the new appt, to google?.. i know this because i did 5 test appointments and they 'magically' came up on Google calendar!!!

before i go drastic and reload firmware (starting all over again).. any ideas?

just discovered this as well.. making appoinments in Google calendar does not download to phone.. new apts only seem to upload from the phone although they refuse to show the appt on the display of the phone.

Thanks :)


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One last thought...

I am wondering if I could delet the calendar information/data off the phone and 'maybe' it might re-sysnc with Google Calendar properly?

I have Kies running and the phone conects to it properly.. however I can't see the phone's memory/ directories to see how/where to delete it..

Any ideas?