Help Strange connection issues


Hey all,

Suddenly my phone does not connect to the market unless I have WiFi on.
I am rooted and uninstalled the following:

Pocket Express
Mobile IM
Metro PCS Easy Wifi

I still have:

All google apps Metro 411, metro apps, Metro Backup, and mail@metro.

The thing is that I CAN connect to the market and appstore using WiFi but not on the Metro network.

As soon as I disconnect from wireless, my google talk goes to signing in, and therefore I cannot access anything uless I am signed in. any suggestions?

Ive turned the phone off and on,do not have juice defender or ATK (or anything related to a task killer) can you guys help??
I think it has something to do with Metro because my phone has been doing for the past two days. I couldnt connect to FaceBook, Opera, MetroWeb, or Market. I had to restart the phone and eventually it would work. And my wife's phone started doing the same thing today.
im having the same issues im here in florida and i thought that it was the weather lol but im not sure whats going on anyone figured anything out??