Strange Data Usage Discrepancy


Hello dear Peoples ^^ I'v just noticed this strange discrepancy between the amount of data my phone(and myself) say i've used and what the carriers say I've used and i'm curious if this is happening to anyone else?

Now i know that, due to the way carriers measure data, it wouldn't be that unusual for my phones to be showing less usage then the providers. But, oddly, the current data difference is in my favor(to the extreme!)

Currently i'm running 3 devices on 3 carriers, 2 of which are showing this.

The first i noticed it on is my Galaxy S5 on Boost, it's also the one with the most extreme difference. The on board data monitor says i've used just over 10GB while pulling up my account with boost claims i've used only 2.8GB. Past experience navigating data caps says the phone is likely the more accurate in this case.

Then, for s&g's, i decided to check my secondary device, a OnePlus One on Cricket. The OPO's data monitor is spot on, and exact match for Cricket's.

And, because why not check them all, lastly is a Desire 601 on Virgin Mobile. It's shows 2.6GBs of usage to VMs 55.5MBs..... This is the one i get throttled on the most too, it's always been pretty accurate before.

I've been dancing around data caps long enough to have a pretty good idea of just how much i use and all the phones seem spot on to me. Figure it's gotta be a failing on the carriers side(Boost and VM, so... Sprint to, maybe?)

Mostly i'm just curious if anyone else has noticed something similar recently. Also, alternating between cackling in mad glee at the thought of all the extra data and nervously chewing my lip at the thought of the potential overage charges.


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Hi SinkPhaze, welcome to Android Forums.

I think you need to recheck your figures and MB/GB. Your Desire 601 is certainly in your favour - 2.6GB (device)/55.5MB (carrier), but your Galaxy is the other way - 10MB (device)/2.8GB (carrier).

I'm thinking perhaps just a typo error??



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Hi, the differences are a bit unsettling - I don't monitor mine apart from making sure I'm under my data allowance so haven't ever noticed any discrepancy on Orange - I tend to use only a very small amount of mobile data anyway.

Hopefully someone using the same carriers as you can add something ....

Good luck!



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Since the phones are reporting more data, are you only looking at data amounts from the start of your current billing date, or is it also including data from the last billing cycle?