Apr 7, 2012
Midlands, UK
Hi All.
Can anyone throw some help and advise to what is going on here...?
I have had my HTC Desire S phone for over a year now and has been trouble free. But recently it locked up whilst charging, with the charge light still illuminated with the A/C adapter disconnected and the phone being completely unresponsive.
And so I did a soft reset, removing the battery, replacing it and then powering back up. Everything seemed to be working fine, messaging, phone calls, internet etc.
But here's the strange part... Although the internet worked with a good signal, I got 'Connection Error' for everything else that required web data. For example, Email, the Google Play Store, Wordfeud etc. all had this message error. Even through Wi-Fi these did not work.
I contacted my service provider and even the technician found this a little odd. He then sent me a Text with the latest 'Software update for data connection' and after receiving this (and a quick restart of my phone) everything has worked since.
Can anybody explain what happened and should I have any concerns?
Thanks for reading!!!
I think that text probably contained APN ((access point name) settings for your carrier and not software. Basicly theyre the settings for the phone to connect to the internet :)
And nah dont be concerned. Ive had phones in the past that have randomly "forgotten" one of the APN settings :thumbup:
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