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Strange marketing verizon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hawkmech, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Hawkmech

    Hawkmech Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Iam surprised that verizon has launched another phone with 4 hours of inventory. Seems like a poor way to launch a phone. I know that you can order them online but i dont care to order a phone and wait until they decide to ship it plus i am not home during the day to receive it anyway and i cant have it sent to my work.

    I am a long time verizon customer but it just doesnt seem like the best way to maximize sales, if you are going to sell a phone get some inventory and sell it.

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  2. ozzzy3z

    ozzzy3z Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more. My contract is up and while waiting on corporate store inventory (I don't buy anywhere else) I have started to look elsewhere. If something new and exciting (Epic?) comes along, I may jump ship. Poor business planning on Verizon's part.
  3. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    someone is bitter....................just kidding.....loving my Droid X, it's awesome.
  4. en WyCe

    en WyCe Member

    I was able to get my X quickly by ordering it at a local VZW shop, but I have to agree. One would think Verizon learned from the Incredible's shortages.
  5. Theibault

    Theibault Well-Known Member

    It's Moto. They can't keep up with the demand. Verizon doesn't build phones. They just buy them from the manufacturer. LOL
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  6. Theibault

    Theibault Well-Known Member

    And this is a Samsung issue not being able to supply HTC with the OLED display.
  7. Hawkmech

    Hawkmech Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm just saying thats 2 phones in a row they werent even close on. Regards the screen, develop a second source, dont get in a position where a supplier can tank your whole product line which is what they did with the incredible.
    I work in the aerospace and defense business and we have a much more matiure marketing and supply chain than verizon appears to. It has to be costing them customers. Phones can be more of an impulse buy, you need inventory or people will look to the carriers that can put a product in your hand the day you walk in the store.
    I know you are saying it isnt verizon its hts, or its moto, but it is verizons suppliers, they need to manage their supply base.
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  8. gvillager

    gvillager Android Enthusiast

    All the carriers buy their phones from the same manufactures. So this isn't just a VZW problem, it's a wireless industry problem. The iPhone isn't immune to these issues either.
  9. Kaoss

    Kaoss Member

    Yeah well the iphone at least has enough of a supply to sell 2,000,000+ in 3 weeks!

    This pisses me off because all these other phone manufacturers and cell companies just don't get it. If you have high demand for a product get the product out there and and when you sell a ton brag about it. But no I suppose moto and verizon are just fine with selling a small fraction at a time and letting big bad steve jobs look like king of the smart phones. For shame.
  10. Hawkmech

    Hawkmech Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know , i bet they would of sold twice what they did if they had inventory. I can see forecasting the inventory at enough to go a month and selling out in 2 weeks but only having enough on hand for 4 hours tops. Not a very sophisticated system.
  11. ozzie2132

    ozzie2132 Lurker

    Motorola was on the verge of collapse before droid literally saved there cell phone business. They are all scared to make too many phones and not be able to sell their inventory. If they make too many and can't sell them all then it will hurt them more financially than to make to little and create more demand. The advantage iPhone has is they already built a huge cult following so they know in advance how popular the iphone is going to be. Just chill out you won't die if you have to wait a week or two to get your phone. Just relax and enjoy life, hell have it shipped to your work or pick it up at the fed ex location near your home.
  12. rdcamero

    rdcamero Member

    This would put the blame on Verizon then for not ordering enough phones.Motorola would only make as many as Verizon ordered.Verizon would be the ones stuck with the phones not Motorola.If I place a order for a product the company is going to produce the amount I ordered.If they don't sell then I am stuck with them not the company that produced them.
  13. Dmordarski

    Dmordarski Member

    Honestly I don't think Verizon and Motorola had a clue as to the power of thier marketings and the power of the droid community word of mouth. Untill the Droid was released on verizon, there entire smartphone lineup was crap, just a few winmo phones, palm, and RIMS. Now everybody wants one on the best network and they cant keep up with the manufacturing, just simple supply and demand. There is way more demand then supply
  14. pm1066

    pm1066 Android Enthusiast

    There was a bit of a perfect storm with the iPhone 4 mess, and pent up demand from Verizon's own customers for a powerhouse phone. Recall Verizon bragging they had plenty DXs on hand? Before the 15th, that is...
  15. BigBruDa3rd

    BigBruDa3rd Well-Known Member

    Let me put all yall thoughts to rest... VERIZON WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO RELEASE THE X UNTIL AUGUST WITH THE DROID 2. With such a bad ass phone with all the latest and greatest hardware the new flagship phone and Verizon's success with the DINC and the Droid, why would Big Red not have enough X's. Because Verizon had no choice with the pressure of the Iphone4, and the EVO. When the X was rumored I remember a leaked script for a commercial showing both phones being used and described. The way it was scripted like both phones were surpose to be introduced together. Thats why they were so short in supply. And I feel that when 2.2 comes out we will see what the X was really born to become... The best phone on the planet period!

    PS. Thats why I think it is taking a little longer for 2.2 to come out for the X, wanna make it perfect.
  16. thecrock0984

    thecrock0984 Well-Known Member

    These threads are getting old. Same old stuff. Why why why. Just stop already. Its the hottest phone on the market. Its hard to keep up with the demand. LET IT GO ALREADY!!!! I ordered my X June 23rd and had it 6 days later. So just stop with the complaining already. Its only been out 2 weeks. Please. Let it go.
  17. 1up5dn

    1up5dn Well-Known Member

    Here's my take; I don't think Verizon or Motorola could have been prepared for the demand. Go back 12 short months ago and look at the demand for smartphones and then compare to where it is now. I don't think anybody could have predicted the steep upward slope. Apple is doing OK with keeping up with it due to the length of time making the iwon't and seeing the demand rise over time.

    We are still in the first or second chapter of this book for Motorola/Verizon and they are learning that demand is growing exponentially. Even if one guy in the marketing or sales group had an inkling that they would sell so fast, nobody would listen because nobody wants to be the responsible party if demand falls short and you have inventory sitting on shelves around the country.

    I think we are all pretty surprised by the momentum this phone has with as little marketing that went into it. I sometimes wonder if they scaled back the marketing blitz, knowing that pre-demand was getting pretty high. I'm sure manufacturing capacity is slowly but surely switching from normal cellphones to the new smartphones. It takes serious dough to upgrade the facilities to allow for the production of a product that is so different. Plus, as you have seen with the Inc, Evo and Galaxy, suppliers are also having trouble keeping up with the rapidly growing demand with their current manufacturing limitations.

    Trust me, Verizon or Motorola aren't holding back millions of phones just to tick off waiting consumers, they are doing what they can.
  18. dylo22

    dylo22 Android Enthusiast

    Forecasting is a tricky business when it comes to markets that are rapidly changing like mobile phones. I think Verizon is trying to be smart and play it conservative. It's better to sell out a phone and get it restocked in a week than to have too many where you can't give them away.
  19. esn

    esn Android Enthusiast

    Whats even more strange is the moto X advertisement is the first thing you see when you go on the web site and the phone is out of stock until 8-18 LOL!
  20. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    I am not quite sure everyone complaining fully grasps how supply and demand works. To give a refresher, it does not matter if they had 10,000 or 500,000 or even a million phones stocked up, if demand exceeds supply you will get a shortage. Nobody here can say that Verizon did not try to be prepared, they have no evidence of that. For all we know, Verizon could have had ten times the number of Droid X's ready to sell that they had Droid Incredibles, and still couldn't keep them in stock. No numbers of sales have been released for either the Incredible or the X, we have no idea how the actual numbers look.
  21. Hawkmech

    Hawkmech Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm just saying 4 hours of stock, come on, I think I could of estimated demand much better than that. I walked in to a Verizon store yesterday looking for a smart phone, they have nothing. Incredible is out and has been since early April, X is out since 4 hours after launch. The sales person walked me over to an Eris, that is all they have. Those are coming up on a year old. Verizon doesnt have one smart phone without a physical keyboard to offer unless you want to wait for 2 weeks. All I am saying is they need to do better. I like the company and would like to see them be the best in the market.

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