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Support Strange Occurances on my x10 mini

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yenial, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. yenial

    yenial Guest
    Thread Starter

    ***** issue now fixed, SE told me to reset the date and time - doh! all issues fixed! *******

    Ok, so I downloaded an app from the market last night - Pingchat (curious to see if I could message my friend on BBM) anyway, I uninstalled it not long afterwards as I wasn't happy with it. Now I turn on my phone this morning and 3 texts come through but instead of usually going to the top of my sms list, they're going to the bottom. Then when I go into the new conversation (usually the new message will be right there) I have to scroll all the way to the top to get the new message (where my oldest conversation with that person starts).

    Secondly, my time and date has gone completely bonkers, saying the new messages were sent to me in 1980! Actual time and date on the phone is also wrong by an entire month and about 6 hours.

    So, I thought I'll get some antivirus stuff from the market. Nope, all downloads are unsucessful so I can't get anything from the market.

    HELP, I'm going demented!!

    (p.s - please be simple if giving any help, all I know is my phone is android 2.1 which I updated through sony ericsson about 5 months ago)



  2. darren187

    darren187 Member

    Jul 15, 2011
    sounds iffy. I would personally backup all my numbers/contacts and factory reset the phone.

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