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Strange picture issue in Album

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by andbakk, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. andbakk

    andbakk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Someting strange happend with some of my wallpapers in the Album app for my HTC Hero... I was renaming almost all of my wallpapers inside the Album app, but after exiting the Album app, and entering it at a later time, 7 of the wallpapers was gone! Strange... I then checked with Astro, and all of the 7 files are still in the same folder, and fully viewable in Astro.

    I have tried the sdrescan app, deleted .tumbnails folder, cleared cache and data for Album but nothing works. The pictures will still not show in Album. Also tried to unmount the sdcard, and restarting.

    I tried this on one wallpaper: On my pc, I renamed it to 2 different names, and I also used Photoshop to crop the wallpaper slightly and saved it to another name... Transfered these to my Hero, and the won't eiter show...

    I also transfered some new wallpapers to the same folder, and they show perfectly in Album...

    This is really strange, and it is the first real problem I've had with my Hero.

    If someone has an idea how to fix this, I would be grateful.

  2. andbakk

    andbakk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I hadn't actually tried to rename the files back to their originally name, tried one, and that worked! Guess I have to find and download the other ones as well to get them back again.

    If someone have theories around this issue, please post anyway.
  3. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    Maybe the album app adds them to a database when it first scans the card. When you changed the file name it broke the pointer reference. There should be a way to rescan it fully, but idk I'm still new to Android. That makes the most sense to me though.

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