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Strange Wifi Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigsouth1981, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. bigsouth1981

    bigsouth1981 Lurker
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    Dear Ladies and Gents,

    Long story short, up until 2 days ago my Galaxy S would connect perfectly to my wifi. I could access all my apps and browse the internet with both the stock and dolphin browsers.

    Then suddenly, when I access my browsers I get either the "web page not found" android message or "server failed to communicate" message every time. Earlier on, it actually allowed me to connect to the google home page but then gave the very same error messages as soon as I clicked on any link at all.

    It is actually connecting to the internet as I can use my gmail and facebook apps, although, the bbc news and you tube will not work. Google play / android market are fine. The only recent change I have made is that I installed google currents a few days ago, but it worked fine all day after that.

    I have tried deleting cache's, cookies, internet history etc etc all to no avail

    Does anybody have any tips at all of what this could be as I am pulling my hair out trying to fix it.

    Kind regards,


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  2. try deleting and re installing the browsers, you may have accidentally tampered with the settingd. try it...come back to me if no success. :)
  3. radiomania

    radiomania Lurker

    when you say
    what do you mean by that? I have the same problem, but i cant get on the internet or apps like instagram or use WIFI calling.

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