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Stratagies for not logging into youtube app? and keeping stuff separate?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Galaxy44, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Galaxy44

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    Jul 23, 2010

    Jul 23, 2010
    I cant be the only one

    I updated the youtube app today

    it automatically "logs me in to a you tube account i never created" and starts remembering and logging every video i watch. and making pappy suggestions etc etc.

    "You tube vids i view" and
    "apps i instal"
    are all separate in my head


    On the PC I check my email using the online reader. If i then go to youtube it has logged me in and started logging all the vids i watch.

    people when they stated a google + account got loads of "i just watched these vids" emails sent to "everyone in their address book" because of a "generically named" check box on g+ sign up.

    I like google about 5/10

    I'm looking for strategies for keeping it all separate. to avoid any weird disaster like google emailed everone "a vid of cat jumping on someone's head" to "everyone in my address book."
    and i feel i would like a little more privacy than they are offering.

    I enjoy youtube and gmail but would like them to be separate?


    if i add another "john smith Gmail account" ,
    then login to this on my android youtube app, will this help to keep gmail and youtube separate? or will it still just log me into my main account as soon as i check my email.


    With gmail, on the PC, if i create a second 'new account' and 'login to youtube'.

    i still get 'automatically signed in' to youtube on my first account if i check my first gmail account then youtube after.


    I suppose gmail is free so cool. but there are part of my life that are separate. not all bundled together as google are trying to do.

    i don't get into all that i love mac and go to the boutique etc etc ect about goggle or android.

    just looking to get a bit more privacy?

    Can i achieve this with multiple accounts.

    is there an article or more info anywhere about keeping gmail and youtube separate



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