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Streak5 Android 2.2.2 KO Constant & random boots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BeppeDL, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. BeppeDL

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    Hello gents,

    Well, after forays in Blackberrys & Iphones I decided to take the plunge into Android.

    As a first droid device I got a Dell Streak 5 with android 2.2.2 from Ebay. Thought it would be a good little tablet with secondary uses as a phone.
    However, after receiving it I quickly noticed the bugginess of the whole device. Without warning the streak will flash the navigator buttons 3 times & then power off. Sometimes it'll happen while browsing the net, other times by launching the pre-installed apps & in many occasions even when I just dial a number in the phone.

    Now I've checked the battery/battery cover issues, but all is in order and the flashing buttons prior to reboot do no seem like electric contact related.

    The phone is stock Dell issued with the factory installed android 2.2.2 & all apps are the standard pre-installed ones. I have reset to factory settings & recalibrated the screen without any joy.

    Any ideas?

    Would this be a brutal hardware issue, would switching back to previous os levels help?

    Any hints/insights will be greatly appreciated.

    Baseband version: GAUSB1A135100-EU

    Build number: 15609

    As additional info, this behaviour happens with or without SIM/SD Cards.

    With or without wi-fi connection.

    Does this strange instability I am encountering make you suspect hardware of software issues?

    Would downgrading to previous levels OS levels help?

    Will now try getting some logs out of the thing & post them hoping someone may help.

    Really love this device's phone-tablet form & i'd be a shame to throw it out because of these issues.

    However, if it turns oit it is some hardware issue I see a trash can in it's future.... unless some one can refurbish the thing at a decent price. Any thoughts?

    Thank you


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  2. Deleted User

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    Seems like a pretty easy issue to fix actually. Go to the DELL Wiki over at xda, Dell Streak - XDA-Developers and scroll down until you find the chart with the update.pkg file for your 351 baseband version. Download it and put it on the root of your SD card. In recovery, just choose update and let it go through it's paces. If you don't have a hardware related issue that should take care of it.

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