Dec 21, 2013
I have recently gotten a Windows 8.1 tablet/laptop system, to which I have copied most of my music from my desktop PC. It plays the music fine, though I could have some opinions about the Metro interface, I also have access to full Desktop, so I can do pretty much anything Windows related.

As I have been tweaking my devices, I finally activated Blue Tooth on my Galaxy S3, paired the devices, and even setup blue tooth tethering, no problem.
However, dependent on where I am, I often have need to be moving around, and can't keep my laptop in my hands, and yet I do have a belt clip for my S3.

So, using bluetooth (i prefer not using wireless if possible) I would like to have my laptop "Play" my music, and my S3 act as a glorified "headphones receiver". Yet, everything I look up so far is about playing music on the S3 and having another device listen. I want it the other way around.
I would even go so far as wanting the "media" app on the S3 to communicate with the lap top so I can skip songs, select songs to play, etc.
Is this possible?
Can it be done without a 3rd part app?
etc, etc, etc.
Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner