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Stream from PC to TV through GS3?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by makiSG3, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. makiSG3

    makiSG3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    A not so brief intro:
    I have set up local WI-Fi network (my home network) which includes samsung TV, PC, SG3 and a WI-FI router to which all these devices are wirelessly connected (except PC which is connected with cable). I have installed ES File Manager on GS3, and have connected it to PC via WI-FI so i can open, copy, delete, etc. files from GS3 to PC. (point is that i can play audio and video file from PC on SG3). I can also play audio and video from SG3 on TV. I can also play video from PC on SG3, and then directly show it on TV.
    problem is that i cannot do the last thing with audio files!!!!

    My idea was to have a large amount of music files on PC or external HD, browse and play them on SG3 and stream them to TV. I can stream music to TV from MUSIC player, app that is shown in applications. But when i play audio file from file browser (ES file manager or default) it is opened with SOUND player, and it doesnt have that icon with little screen with number and two opposite pointing arrows, which streams media to TV.
    i have prepared 2 screenshots but i cannot post here because of anti spam measures, so i hope i made it clear what is problem.
    Can anybody help?

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  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    If your TV is connected to WiFi, I assume it has DLNA capabilities and should play media without your S3 in the middle.
  3. makiSG3

    makiSG3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes it can, but im trying to find out what all can my SG3 do.
    By the way connecting tv to media server requires me to stop/start UPnP and window network media sharing(or something) each time i turn on PC, which is quite annoying. I also have cable connection to external speakers and HDMI to TV but like i said i am reaserching a bit. :) I am wondering if i am doing something wrong because it can do that with video, but i cannot do it with audio files.
    Also i think it would be easier to browse and play with touch screen than with remote. Also when i cannot see directly tv but can hear it and i want to change/stop song it would be useful.
    Let's say i have 5 rooms and PC only in one, and WI-FI speakers in others, and i dont want to walk to control music player. Or 2 persons want to listen music from one PC in different rooms. (by the way i dont have wi fi speakers so i am presuming that streaming to them from S3 is like streaming to TV - please correct me if i'm wrong).
    The real question would actualy be : can GS3 be used like media player with external network memory(network PC/HD) and extenal network speakers (wi-fi not bluetooth). It can do this with video (but i cannot turn off screen during playback - it is black with gray media icon).

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