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Streaming audio from computer to android device via bluetooth => Possible?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mrinterweb, May 21, 2010.

  1. mrinterweb

    mrinterweb Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I want to stream audio directly from my mac via bluetooth to my nexus one. This might sound crazy, but I actually want to be able to control the audio from my mac. I just want to be able to connect an audio jack to my nexus one and let it stream the audio via bluetooth. Is there an app for that?

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  2. Harro65

    Harro65 Lurker

    I am also desperate for this functionality. Would love to be able to hook my computer up to my phone via bluetooth and have my phone connected to my stereo streaming all my audio. instead of having a cable plugged into my headphone jack.
  3. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    Harro, I think this would help you if you are just trying to get the audio from your PC to the stereo.

    Newegg.com - Jabra BT3030 Dog Tag Design Bluetooth Headset

    This would be paired with your PC then act as a headset for the music. the Dog Tag would then be connected to your stereo using a cable depending on the inputs of your stereo.
  4. Wingzfan61

    Wingzfan61 Android Enthusiast

    There used to be a winmo app called lobster rock and wifitunes that streamed pc media over wifi but I havent found anything for Andoid and Im pretty sure theres no app to stream over bluetooth because a bluetooth headset would be much more efficient.
  5. Stupifier

    Stupifier Android Enthusiast

    Dunno about over Bluetooth....but AudioGalaxy streams music over Internet really nicely.

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