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Streaming audio/video causes LTE signal to drop & reset...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheAnalogueKid, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. TheAnalogueKid

    Thread Starter

    The issue is as the title states. Basically, I'll have Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, or essentially any other app that streams audio or video, and the LTE will drop, go into roaming for about a second, then reset, causing inevitable hiccups in playback. Happens anywhere from 20-30 times per day and it's maddening. It tends to occur way more frequently with Netflix, an app that obviously uses a very high amount of data, though that shouldn't be a concern since I'm on an unlimited plan.

    I've been in contact with support a couple of times and performed several profile resets, cache dumps, etc, and nothing seems to remedy the issue. They've suggested I drive to the nearest service center, which is an hour away (so no). I'd really like to know if anyone has had, or has heard about this specific issue before and possible fixes for such. The only thing I haven't tried yet (because it's a last resort) is a factory reset. Any insight and/or assistance is greatly appreciated!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    "roaming".. Are you very near an international border with another country? Where there might be some overlap between the different country's carrier networks. Try going into the mobile networks settings and setting it to manual rather than the default automatic, which should lock your phone to your home carrier, and stop it like wandering off to foreign networks.
  3. TheAnalogueKid

    Thread Starter

    I should've clarified this in my opening, but sometimes it will go into roaming mode, which is actually switched off and has been for a long time. It will revert to roaming regardless, if the signal is out for long enough...

    To answer the first part of your question, I am not near either border. I'm in Tennessee. Coverage is no issue, either. Most of the time it will just drop, I'll get the "x" no-signal symbol for about a second, then it will show a restart icon, then I'm back online for a time.
  4. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Your location and cell tower signal strength may be the cause.
    It just sounds like buffering because of a weak signal
  5. TheAnalogueKid

    Thread Starter

    Seems like the most likely scenario. Thanks for the input, Danny.
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  6. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Try installing this app from OpenSignal:
    Use it to scan on your mobile data connection and get some actual numbers on your bandwidth speed. Be sure to have Location enabled on your phone, it will also provide you with a local map (through Google Maps) showing nearby cell towers (filterable by different carriers).

    Offhand, perhaps you're viewing a lot of your content in higher resolutions? For something like Netflix video at standard res (DVD quality) only requires 3Mbps, in contrast to higher res (4K) video needing around 25Mbps. Depending on just what you do find your LTE speed to be, in the Netflix app for example there's a Cellular Data Usage option buried in the app's Settings menu you should check. But generally you shouldn't have to manually adjust for bandwidth capacity, those streaming services are supposed to auto-detect and adjust accordingly. Your profile page indicated you're using Sprint, is that still current? If your LTE speeds do turn out to be marginal, you might be eligible for free cellular booster:
    or if you're not, there are pay-for options too (just be careful to get one that matches your situation):

    Of course these are just assumptions based on your LTE speeds. You might want to just turn off your phone and re-seat the SIM card. It could just be a matter where the metal contacts on the SIM card weren't in complete contact with the metal contacts inside the SIM slot.
    If you are with Sprint, another thing to try is dig into your Settings menu for an 'Update PRL' option. This supposedly updates some kind of table for local cell tower info. On one of my phones the option is buried pretty deep -- Settings >> Wireless & networks >> More >> Cellular networks >> Carrier settings.
    A last resort thing to try is use the 'Network settings reset' option (in your Settings menu). It will wipe all network-related settings back to their defaults so just be aware that it's not just for cellular connectivity, things like saved WiFi entries and Bluetooth pairings will get wiped too.
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