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On my one m9+ SC edition if I wanted to view a live streaming content from a website, I would long press the video and click on "open with a streaming video app," and then click on the "HTC video player app," and I would be able to view the content.

Well I have the HTC u11 and the HTC video player app (HTC service video) is not supported. So if I long press the video it doesn't even give me the option to open with a streaming video player. Can someone please tell me an app that has online streaming playback capability.


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What browser are you using? Chrome will play streaming on its own...

This is what I am referring to. On my one m9+ while using Firefox, I would simply long press the screen and click on "view (or open) with streaming video app." on the u11, I get no such option. This is lastly to view live stream content.


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