Help streaming transformer desktop to tv over wifi (mirroring)


Hello to all. I would like to know is it possible to send lets say streaming net video from tablet to tv. My tv supports dlna and I can stream any video saved on tablet but I don't know how to stream tablet desktop over wifi connection onto my tv. Thanks in advance. P. S. My tv is connected to wifi router.


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You would have to have software on the TV that is able to convert the picture OR get some kind of app on the tablet which is able to stream the desktop as a dlna stream. I don't think either exist.

I use an HDMI cable, Amazon has the min-HDMI to regular 9' cable for about $10.


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I don't play onto my TV, but between my computer and tablet I highly recommend Plex.


Free for the app and media server on your desktop, $5 for your tablet. They seem to have options for Roku's etc so maybe that's worth looking into.

From my own experience between desktop and tablet, it's a simple idiot proof solution - load it up and it's ready to go. Looks good too.
Here is the only solution that you can use to stream your desktop on your TV by using DNLA. All you need is to buy the following device "McTiVia"
Good luck!!!