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Streamline The Android System

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by AH1z, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. AH1z

    AH1z Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 30, 2010
    MN, USA
    Ok so I've been using System Panel, along with a few other apps to try and streamline, or at least figure out whats going on with the system, and battery power...

    To my surprise the killers of the battery are not 3rd party apps like a calender widget, Beautiful Widgets, or LauncherPro. The main suspect based off the data I've gathered up is the system itself.

    Under System we have...
    • Android System
    • Setup
    • HTC Widget Download Manager
    • Roise Utility
    • Settings Storage
    • VPS Services
    • BrcmBluetooth
    • Accounts & Sync
    • Android System
    • Upgrade Setup
    • NetworkLocation
    • HTC Checkin Service
    • Settings
    • com.android.qxdmlog

    All of which adds up to 50+ % of total battery usage of all the draws on the power supply. The next in line is cell standby with a distant 19%. If similar figures were put into a PC's platform you would have this thing classified under Bloatware! It simply draws too much battery power...:eek:

    So the next question we have is what can someone do to solve this problem?

    Task Killers
    If you hit the App market you will run across 1,987,785 task killers, and managers in all different shapes sizes and colors. The problem is task killers do nothing. As a matter of fact it probably costs more power to have one then not. It takes no more battery power to have nothing in you're memory than it does to have a loaded bank. Second, if you have apps that auto restart it takes extra CPU power to reload the application. And lets not forget it takes power to feed the task manager service itself.

    This is from the group that wrote System Panel >>> Task Management | android.nextapp.com

    OS & Hardware
    Clearing you're apps may speed up you're phone a bit but the main draw comes from the hardware. Things that tax the CPU, Wi-Fi and GPS. So if you have an app, or an OS that uses you're hardware with almost no discretion you've got something that eats batteries for breakfast.

    Is Android flawed?
    Is the Android system flawed in being a resource hog?

    Is this part of a marketing scheme? "New improved phones use less power" must buy new phone...

    Or, do I have something completely backward? Maybe I'm missing something that could cut down on the cores system resources.


  2. alex51

    alex51 Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2010
    The thing about a device such as an EVO is you have one of if not the most capable devices,unfortunately all that cap.uses a lot of bat..I can suggest root to rid yourself of most bloatware and you can go into settings to chg.some settings so they don't update as often or to do manually of those that allow it.There are some apps.that help with this type chg..
    You may at some point come to the conclusion a higher capacity bat.or an extra bat. is needed.One thing I do when I get caught without a way to charge is simply put it in airplane mode or turn off network so to reserve remaining bat. for important calls.Maybe someone can offer some more specific ideas.

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