Dec 27, 2013
I just got a new Sony xperia M and downloaded and installed the latest apps, ie. google earth and street view. For some reason though I am unable to access street view though. It shows the little street view icon on the top right but does nothing when I press it. I turned on some feature in the settings that then showed the white and yellow lines, still no joy. I have tried holding my finger on the street, and viewing it through wifi and the network. I am using version 4.1.2. of android. Can anyone shed light on what might be the problem?
That works thanks :)

My mate's HTC has this feature where you can pan round the area just by rotating the phone using the magnetometer. Do you know how to get that to work, or is that another piece of software?
I've always used the basic finger swipes to pan/tilt. I've just had a look around my settings but can't find anything to achieve that so I can't help you on that one.

OK thanks. I want to test out the magnetometer on it because google sky map is really jittery. Maybe it's because I am using it so close to my wifi though...?