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stripped and dried x10 but advise needed possibly

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by marita, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Hi, clasic dropped phone in a flushed toilet luckily, i took it all apart instantly down to the last screw and front screen, and no not damaged anything,as i regulary do this to my phones, screen breaking etc, i drieed everything, and when put back the lcd was showing marks behind the touch pannel, thats fine its totally gone after a week, must of been the last bit of water, everythig works and its like new, but the battery will only last a day max or half. i bought a new one for the first hurdle but no change. i checked the conections taking first layer off and no corrotion. is there something i could replace under the camera layer? or will it be to do with the circuit board,? which is expensive i know.i can live with it but just constant on charge, cant be good. 2 days i had this phone before it fell :( how annoying. and i realy like it. replacement of my samsung wave that was rubbish signal all the time.
    any clever answers ill begratefull, im not a numbers and codes and names wiz, but ill understand most. repaired ipod phones and laptops due to saving money, please help thanks

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