stuck at boot

I have problem with my htc pico, it stucks at boot.I have cwm recovery v5.0.2.8 and when i try to wipe data/factory i have an error with sd-ext (E:/format_volume make_extf4fs faild to /dev/block/mmcblk0p2). and i have an error when i try to nount sd-ext. i think boot stucks because of this.
Can you help please!!


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Try a proper partitioning tool - I'd recommend GParted. Minitool often does a lousy job of ext format partitions. Even using clockworkmod itself to do the partitioning is more reliable.

That's assuming that the partition is the problem. Can you try a different ROM, to be sure the problem isn't there?


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i tried many roms and the only one that works was miui v5, but has many bugs and force closes, so i can't stay with this rom. why cant run another rom??


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I don't know why other ROMs don't work for you. I don't have this phone, so am not familiar with it's ROMs, but it seems very odd that most do not work.

If they all rely on sd-ext that might be a factor. Hence I was really wondering whether a ROM which doesn't use that would work. With my previous phone we met many people with ext partitions which did not work after using minitool, which is why I suggested using something else.

But it could be some other common factor. What sort of errors do you get with other ROMs?

I was hoping someone who has this phone could suggest a ROM which works.


I had the similar problem with one of the ROM. But then I changed the ROM & it was alright.

Are you sure that its stuck at the logo? Sometimes it takes longer than usual.