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stuck at spl rainbow screen!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by uries62, Dec 30, 2009.

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    I just received a G1 over ebay yesterday and had everything set up fine within a day. I checked the firmware version, and I had 1.5 and was possibly considering upgrading to donut, or maybe going the cyanogen route.

    I wake up this morning and have a request for an OTA update to the phone to 1.6. I select yes and it updates over WIFI. I wasn't sure how long it would take so I plugged it into USB to keep a charge.

    I come back to the phone after 10 minutes and I see that I am stuck at the stock SPL screen (rainbow). It says " Serial 0 " at the bottom, with the top status as :

    DREA 100 PVT 32B
    HBOOT 0.95.0000
    CPLD 4

    Sep 2 2008

    I wasn't expecting a problem at all so, I checked on the forums and thought maybe the the upgrade didn't proceed properly so I downloaded the OTA zip for 1.6, renamed it o update.zip, and rebooted to recovery mode. I wiped my data, (alt-w) and then reinstalled (alt-s). Upon successful completion, I restarted and was still stuck in the SPL screen. I can reboot (GREEN+MENU+RED), and by pressing nothing, I end up in SPL, or by pressing HOME, I get to the recovery console.

    At this point, I searched around again for 30 minutes or so, and saw the stuck camera button problem and took off the back battery case and performed a restart and still went straight to the SPL with almost no delay. The camera button depresses properly and doesnt seem to be stuck. I took pictures last night without a problem.

    After all this, I figured I should just start off fresh, so I flashed the DREAMG.nbh for RC29 that is listed everywhere in order to get root. On restart, I held down the camera button, and the white screen comes up to ask if I want to boot image.

    I do, and everything goes off without a hitch, I press action key to restart and end up at the SPL screen again, this time, my radio is down to v1.2 instead of 2.2 so I know I changed something. I have done this update twice just to make sure everything is going right but I am still stuck at SPL.

    Sorry for the extensive post, but as you can see, I did a bit of trouble shooting before I posted this.

    I am worried now that my battery might die before I fix this, as I had about 64% before I started the update. I have the battery out and am waiting for a reply. I hope someone can give me some insight into whats going on and what, if anything I can do with my 2 day old g1

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