Root Stuck Booting


Hey everyone so kind as to give their time to look at this.

Basically I bought my phone september last year, immidietly de-branded it of all that orange stuff (with the help of various tutorials on here - I am a complete newb but capable of following instructions).

Anyway, yesterday my phone got stuck booting, not on the alien screen, but on the screen which the word android lights up across the screen.

I have absolutely no idea what to do. The phone has not been dropped and hasn't suffered from heat/water damage to my knowledge.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry if I have missed some basic tutorial somewhere on how to fix this but I have looked round.

Edit: When I take the battery out and connect via usb to my pc the screen continually flashes up the android logo :/


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Now mine wont even boot up it just vibrates and doesn't switch on!

Edit: Unless it's charging, in which case it will get to the boot screen.