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Stuck in a bootloop from restore

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Barnics, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Barnics

    Barnics Lurker
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    I've restored a back up through TWRP and now my phone is stuck in a bootloop. I can't get into TWRP either to try and flash one of the roms I had in my storage, as TWRP bootloops too.

    I think the issue is that I've restored a vendor image. How can I fix this if I can't get into the phone's recovery?

  2. redduc900

    redduc900 Member

    If you can't get into TWRP via Fastboot/Bootloader Mode--> Recovery, then you'll have to revert to stock by flashing a factory image via adb. Either that or try re-flashing the TWRP *.img via the fastboot flash command in Fastboot Mode..
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