Root stuck in a bootloop+ list of issues leading to it


this phone is starting to annoy me. my first one didnt have a working 4g reciver, now this one has a whole list of problems. from the very begining the "reboot" function would result on the phone getting stuck at the samsung splash screen. turning the phone off in general then turning it back on would cause this. solution, battery pull (ah the days of blackberry). before the rooted tar method, the WHOLE OS would bring up force close issues within a minute of operation and the shut down sequence would be nothing but a gliched up screen with sound. once i flashed the tar, the forceclose issues disappeared (though the reboot issue stayed). just a couple of hours ago everything was running smoothly for a week when all of the sudden, everything i had installed on the phone brought up fore close issues. all I did was leave the phone to charge.

I did a battery pull and everything force closed within a second. another battery pull and then...the infinite loop (samsung splash, metro animation, shiny samsung logo....samung splash, metro animation, shiny samsung logo...etc etc) reflashed the tar. the phone did its thing where it wouldnt reboot so i did a battery pull, just when i thought it was fixed....the loop was

now what?