Stuck in Android System Recovery! :(

Get it completely fixed or just try and get out of ASR.

  • Try and get out of Android System Recovery only

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I have a Galaxy S4, and I dropped it last week, creating a dent in the volume bar (only the VOL. down button works) and sending 2 crack right across my screen UNDER my screen protector :/ Ever since then, my phone was acting normally until this morning, when my the two touchscreen buttons on either side of the home button weren't working. I tried restarting it and ended up in "Android System Recovery". I've chosen "reboot system now" and it always ends in "error". Wiping data/factory reset also doesn't work. So basically nothing works. I've only ever dropped my phone twice and both times I've cracked it. Is there a way to get out of system recovery, or should I get the phone completely fixed instead? Please help! Thank you :)