Help Stuck In Developer Mode, Screen Messed up

So, I Entered developer mode And I tried changing the display, It changed to this:(check attached image)
The screen is so messed up, I can't get rid of it. Is there any way?


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If you can cast your screen to an external display maybe that won't be messed-up?

Attach a mouse (via a USB OTG adapter) and see whether you can change it that way? My idea is that the mouse will show an on-screen pointer and so you can see what you are actually clicking on.

Boot into recovery mode and factory reset. You'll loose any data on the device you haven't backed up, but it should delete any user settings, which hopefully will include your messed-up display settings.

This is why I would advise against messing with display settings unless you know exactly what you are doing. It's also why desktop operating systems generally have the sense to revert to earlier display settings after 10 seconds if you don't confirm that you are happy with the changes, but I've never assumed that Android has that type of protection built in (as with rooting, the general philosophy with the developer options tends to be "if you know enough to get to this setting we assume you know what you are doing with it" - a pleasant change from all of the babying "are you sure?" that so many operating systems respond to everything you try to do with, but carries risks too).