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Stuck in RESCUE MODE screen on Huawei Phones?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Mizan Hosen, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Mizan Hosen

    Mizan Hosen Lurker
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    Hi all!!!

    I'm screwed!!

    I think I bricked the phone!

    Please help!!

    I have a full partitions backups made with Partitions Backup and Restore App (Root access required). I backup all the partitions, all of them in raw mode. All the files are *.img ready to flash with fastboot.

    The problem
    1. adb is not recognizing the device
    2. fastboot is not recognizing the device
    3. I cannot enter TWRP
    4. Huawei EMUI 3 buttons (volume up + volume down + on/off button) function doesn't start neither (I'm trying to force the update to B132 ROM)
    5. The phone enters directly to Rescue Mode and says
    6. i can't shutdown my phone when i press the power button it will automatically go to the Rescue Mode again.

    So the phone is still working and I got this RESCUE MODE screen but I can't do anything when this screen is displayed.

    Any idea? What can I try?

    Please, I really need your help, anything you can imagine to try please, let me know!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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