Help Stuck in Safe Mode


Hello Fellow Android Rascals.:)

I am writing this post to offer help to those who are stuck in "Safe Mode."

If you want to skip my "long-winded" story and get right to the solution then look for the title below: "My Solution"

I bought my Xperia X10 used on line. I met the buyer who insisted that the phone was in excellent condition and was only 1 year old. At that time all the buttons worked and the phone looked like a great DEAL for $200.00. The seller also told me that the phone was completely updated.

What I failed to do:

1. Remember the old saying: "if something is working don't try to fix it."

Instead I decided that I would try to do my own update on a computer with Kaspersky installed, and the firmware update failed in the middle of the process do to the strict anti-virus settings of Kaspersky.

2. I also failed to look on the back of the phone to check for water damage. There's this little hole in the back of the phone that should be white.

3. I failed to ask the buyer about how to take care of the phone and how prone the phone was to water damage. Nevertheless here's what I did, after I bought the phone I got one of those sanitized wet wipes and cleaned the phone. Then the next day I road my bike to work in the rain. When I got to work I was soaked and so was my phone case.

I then quickly dried the phone off, but I noticed later that the phone said "SAFE MODE" at the bottom left corner and this is where the adventure started. I turned the phone off and on and off and on over and over again. I updated the phone to the current version over and over again.

I then went to the Docomo phone store here in Japan and they tried to get the phone out of safe mode and then realized something that I didn't know, that white dot on the phone was "RED." At that time they told me that I could not be helped, because the phone had water damage.

So now I have no idea if the phone already had water damage or it was done after I bought it nor did I have any knowledge of how prone this phone was to water damage.

Forums and Google Search

With all the above said, I went on a hunt to find a solution to the "Stuck in Safe Mode" problem and I found little to no help; I was only taken for a ride in a circle including on this site. I also got on YOUTUBE and watched the "take the phone a part" videos and I decided that that I didn't want to risk $200 given I could still make calls on the phone.

Problem with Safe Mode

The main reason why I wanted to get the phone out of safe mode given I was already able to make and receive calls was that I wanted to install and load programs of Android via the Google Market. For example I downloaded software through the market, but I noticed that the open button was grayed out after the program was installed. I then did another Google search and found out that most of these programs will not work in Safe Mode.

My Solution

Note: Try this out at your own health risk, it is your choice to try it which means you could get sick from doing it. This idea has worked for me and it is an alternative to taking the phone apart and allowing all the internal parts to dry out.

1. Open up the case, take out all the cards, and let the phone sit for a while.

2. In case of water damage put everything in a container of rice and let it sit there for as long as you can stand it.

3. Without installing any cards including the battery try blowing and sucking air through the phone as you would do if someone had a heart attack and you were trying to do a "mouth to mouth" medical. At the same time you want to try to keep the intake air from going down into your lungs given you don't know what kind of chemicals you will be inhaling. The process needs to be done over all the buttons including every place where there is an opening through the phone; additionally try NOT to blow moisture into the phone otherwise you will only create a worse problem.

4. Plug the phone in and try turning it on without the batterY.

5. Now put everything back in the phone and turn it one. At least, when I did this my phone worked and it was no longer "Stuck in Safe Mode."

I want to note that I did feel some cold symptoms later, but I have no idea if that was due to my blowing and sucking air through my phone. I tried my best not to inhale the air into my lungs, but I did do it by accident some of the times. The solution for the cold symptoms was vitamin C and plenty of grape fruits. Today I feel fine.

Sorry for the long-winded solution, but the above worked for me. After going through all those forums I hope this helps someone with the same problem.

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