May 22, 2010
New York
hey im obviously on a droid and i was trying to downgrade to 2.0.1 to root my phone using rsd lite v4.6. i was following to do this. after downloading everything i hooked up the droid to the computer and put it into bootloader mode and tried flashing with rsd but it failed and now it wont get out of this bootloader menu. it says "Bootloader 2C.6C Battery OK OK to Program Transfer Mode: USB" I have tried to take out the battery and power it down. i dont have a backup flash or whatever, because honestly this is my first time tring to do this and i really didnt know what i was doing other than following the tutorial. I'm freaking out because i think it's broken. PLEASE HELP!:(
I have had this problem in the past. Make sure when you do the battery pull you disconnect from the computer. If still connected, you will will get that problem...Not sure if that is the case with yours, but worth a shot...
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