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Stuck on bootup screen after ICS update via Kies!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LostInShanghai, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. LostInShanghai

    Thread Starter

    OK so after waiting for ICS for the past few months it finally arrives for Sim Free owners on Kies. I connected my phone, kies detected it, ran the firmware update which ran fine and message was diplayed in Kies that firmware update "succesfully" complete, phone rebooted by itself and bam stuck on boot up screen... thanks Samsung!!:mad:
    Phones never been rooted or updated any other way other than through Kies so not sure what the problem is.
    Pretty f**ked off at the moment as i've just got a

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  2. Rheumatoid

    Rheumatoid Member

  3. bruno19

    bruno19 Newbie

    Did you unplug the PC connector and reconnect as it said to do mate... I had similar till I did that, then it carried on ok.
  4. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

    can you boot into download mode using a usb jig or the 3 button combo??

    If yes then all is not lost, you can still salvage your phone.
  5. LostInShanghai

    Thread Starter

    Sorry yeah should have mentioned that, already removed battery and tried again but still stuck on boot screen. I've unplugged connector too and reconnected but PC no longer recognises the device. Kies just stays on connecting... screen and Windows shows that device driver failed to install.
    I don't have a USB jig but whats the 3 button combo and what does it do?
  6. Forbidden 403

    Forbidden 403 Android Enthusiast

  7. LostInShanghai

    Thread Starter

    Yeah got it into download mode, guess im going to have to take a look at Odin then and just try to manually update it myself, so much for not wanting to mess with it and just let Kies do the work. Thanks for your help
  8. jzaruba

    jzaruba Newbie

    I'm having the same issue. If I go the ODIN way do I have to basically choose a custom ROM? Or is it still possible just to reset the phone somehow so it still shows that no flashes have been made on it...? Because I rly don't want to flash this phone, I just want the factory ICS.
  9. lotsip81

    lotsip81 Well-Known Member

    No, you don't have to flash a custom Rom. Go download the official version. If you flash official Samsung frimware with Odin, it won't show that you have flash it at all.

    The binary counter only records the number of times that unofficial firmware is flashed. Yes, the binary counter can be reset if you purchase a usb jig. But you have to flash the old bootloader to your phone via Odin. Make sure you get the right one though, I've been told that flashing the wrong bootloader can brick your phone in a hurry!
  10. War3zuk

    War3zuk Lurker

    Im surprised with all the skill in here that no one answered his problem correctly..

    if comming from an old ROM to a very new ROM what happens is the old data gets in the way of the boot loader after final install..(This is 100% normal) what you need to do after completing the FW upgrade & if you get stuck at the loading screen is this..

    Take out the battery,
    pop battery back in & boot into recovery again
    delete cache
    factory reset

    reboot phone...

    On reboot, skip all the startup crap & goto settings then backup & reset & do a full reset including erase all data on internal Sd card..

    Reboot phone & your done..

    The reason this happens is because of the differences between the old OS & the new.. Your actually suppose to do a factory reset before doing a major update.. This would solve the problem you got with your phone :)

    & sorry for rehashing an old thread but seeing as I ended up here a while back maybe someone else will & find this helpful..
  11. jzaruba

    jzaruba Newbie


    Yes, obvious answer. Except that it does not work. (I am pretty sure that is what most of us tried as their 1st or 2nd approach.)
    It wouldn't even let me boot into recovery mode.
  12. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    apart from taking it back to a service centre, the only real solution is to root and flash firmware via Odin

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