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Stuck on FRP post hardreset & firmware system update

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by cherylca, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. cherylca

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    (Sorry for double-posting. Realized that "Devices" was the wrong place so reposting here)
    Model: W_P130
    M_IMEI 357483090076511
    S_IMEI number 357483090147130

    1. On start-up, stuck on boot loop with black & white WIKO logo.
    2. Hard reset performed in Recovery Mode (SIM card and SD cards were removed in advance.)
    3. On start-up, phone does not accept correct pattern. Google does not recognize my(correct) account details (they work on my other Android).
    4. System update via PC performed: W_P130-V01.30.OPE-[Orea-8.1]-GBL .
    5. On start-up, --> -->Set up as new -->Verify pattern: the correct pattern is not recognized; chose "Use my Google account instead"-->Correct Google log-in data entered-->"Google Verify your account" repeats again.

    BTW: cannot manage to get into recovery mode again, although I did earlier in order to performhard reset.

    I connected the phone to WiFi in the new set-up after systemupdate and boot. SIM card and SD card are not reinserted.

    I have not found workable fix for pattern recognition problem or bypassing Google lock. Contact with Google accounts returned unworkable fix and contact with Wiko is still not answered. Please advise. The phone is under guarantee; purchased in Germany august 2018 but I am living in Norway.

    What is the best way for me to move forward with this? Thanks in advance.

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    getting around frp is super hard.....and it should be. its a security feature. its why you need to make the lockscreen security password, pin or pattern to something that no matter what u will remember.

    here is a bit on frp:

    unfortunately there might be ways on how to bypass frp, but you will have to google it.


    you did mention your phone's under warranty. maybe take it in to your carrier.
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  3. cherylca

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    Thanks, but I don't have a carrier. I will take it to the shop from where I bought it when I am in Germany later this year before the warranty runs out.

    Just to clarify, I knew the correct pattern and Google password. HOWEVER, I just saw a post on another forum where someone wrote that if you change your Google password AND do factory/hard reset within 48 hours of each other the phone locks down. I believe that is what happened. You see, I changed my Google password on my other Android not more than a few hours after I did the hard reset. But that doesn't explain why my pattern was not recognized. The pattern recognition failed even before I changed my Google password. Weird.
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