Help Stuck on HTC screen


So just today, removed my HTC Desire HD from the charger which was connected and mounted to my PC, few seconds later i get the "damaged SD card" notification, from removing it badly, this had happened before and i fixed it last time, but then i couldnt mount it, format it or delete any fo the data on the SD card.

From then on I know i made some poor decisions lol, I booted into recovery mode using Clockwork recovery mod,(I've been using Cyanogen mod) and stupidly selected "wipe data/factory reset". It then formats /data and /cache and then it cant format the SD card because it cant be mounted, and that is where i am at now, after trying any way to boot it results in being stuck at the white HTC screen.

I am still fairly new to rooting and such, and I am just looking for any possible help in getting past the HTC screen.

Basically I get stuck at HTC screeen when i try to boot, i can use the Clockwork recovery mod, but I am unable to mount SD card(when i try it just says "error mounting SD card", I was able to format the SD card I think but it is still not working in my phone.