Help stuck on motorola logo, did not root

ive seen posts before about being stuck on the M on boot up, or being stuck at the motorola logo. however i noticed that almost all of the users, if not all, were either rooting the phone or instaling a rom when it happened.

i am one of the people who decided to wait for android 2.2, and was willing to download it offically when it came out. so now, just 2 days before the froyo launch, my phone gets stuck on the motorola logo and i didnt even try to root it.

its the same symptoms as the others. when i turn it on, the M comes up, and stays there, forever. even after taking the battery out. ive tried putting it on a charger too.

i also tried turning on the phone while holding down the "x" button on the keyboard. instead of getting any kind of menu, i just get that error logo with the triangle.

i was planning on taking it to a verizon store today to get it replaced or fixed, but they closed.

so, does anybody have a solution for me? or should i wait untill morning to try and convince verizon to give me a replacement?

once again, i was NOT trying to root or hack in any way when this happened. i havent done anything like that to the phone. this simply just happened mid day yesterday.


its a droid 1 running 2.1.


Android Expert
curious... my first unrooted droid did this while i had it plugged up to my laptop via usb cable. what were you doing when this happened?


I had a similar problem about a month ago. I think it may be a very low battery. Plug it in, in the car or into an actual wall socket and leave it alone for an hour, the computers USB port doesn't provide enough juice to get you back up and running. Mine came right back on once I had enough juice inthe battery to power it up.