Help Stuck OTA Update download


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Trying to download the new GB update, but after a few attempts, of trying to stop it, my boss pulled the battery.
Now Ive SBF'ed it, but when i go to update, it says 'download in progress' but its been saying that, downloading the update for 6 hours now! No 'download' circle arrow icon thing is in the status bar either.
its killing the battery and not getting anywhere. Ive looked for and such, but nothing shows up. Still says its in progress with the SD Card removed.
Where is it downloaded to. Im hoping that I can get it to forget it and restart it fresh.
This is the 4th D2G hes had, and hes totally fed up with it


I'm having a similar issue. My phone says there was an update available from the Settings->About Phone. I clicked to start and the download just sat at 0% for hours. I tried rebooting and toggling wifi on/off and nothing helped. I also tried stopping the running Updater program and clearing its data, still doesn't help.

Now whenever I go to the System Updates in About Phone it says a download is already happening even though it's not.


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Mine did this as well. It took almost 2 days to complete the download. Just let it go, it will finish.


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Download shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes depending on your signal strength. If it keeps hanging, I would keep SBFing or going to stock recovery and wiping your date and cache.


My droid bionic is also stuck in the download phase.

First it showed downloading in my task bar at 0%, with a wifi/peak hours message.

I restarted the phone when I got home on wifi and now there is no download status but when I go to system update in my settings it's downloading. Been stuck like this for a couple hours. I don't want to clear my phone. Any other suggestions?