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Stuck to my guns. My Behold II replaced with Samsung Vibrant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by masterotaku, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    People like this bug me.

    If you don't want to pay for data then get a dumb phone or switch to one of the red headed step child prepaid networks (boost) and get a crappy I9 for $350 or buy your phone flat out with no rebate and Tmobile will give you your data.

    Don't tell me you are using wifi most of the time because your not unless you work at mcdonalds and are playing with your phone when your not supposed to (which honestly would not surprise me).

    People like you are why many companies are now throttling their data.

    Someone gets offered a $450 phone for free then wants to get $30 in data for $6??

    My suggestion and advice?.........................GTFO.

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  2. TeleNubby

    TeleNubby Newbie

    mwl1119, you are one ignorant fool. You do understand the data plan is simply done for money making purposes? A majority of users with the plan don't even use up enough data to make up for $30 worth of actual data.

    Let me make a few things clear: I did NOT get offered a phone for free, and I never said I wanted $30 in data for $6. You sir, are misguided and confused. I suggest you check on the names of who is posting before you post.

    Now moving on, the entire data plan is a sales gimmick. It fools, well, fools such as yourself into purchasing it. You should research up on T-Mobile and internet before you begin to speak about using data on a phone. The entire reason they offer a $1.99/mb plan (roughly 30 pages or so) is to encourage data users, even the light ones, to purchase the Android plan. If you think about it, using the same scale, the Android plan for $30 USD/mo. would mean a rough 15 mb. In case you didn't know, 15 mb can be filled up with a single video (granted, probably an HQ video a couple minutes long, but you get the point).

    With all that said, please tell me why I would need a data plan when WiFi (which I am usually around; no I don't work at McDonalds, your workspace must a pretty crappy one if you don't have WiFi) would suffice perfectly fine?
  3. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    They give you your discount upfront and charge you for data TO MAKE MONEY which is the whole point of a business right?

    You don't want to pay for data? Fine. Don't take T-mobile's discount on your handset and get the even more plus plan.

    It is called supply in demand nimrod.

    $30 is......... scratch that WAS about the going rate for an unlimited data plan.

    Now at&t and Verizon are capping their data and Sprint is throttling theirs.

    How much do a pair of designer jeans cost in the store? $80+?

    I bet they cost $2-$3 to produce so why can they sell them for $80?


    If you want a smartphone plan on paying for the data.

    If you want to be cheap then get a Nokia Nuron and shut up.
  4. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    Ok TeleNubby, what exactly are you asking for? How did you get the Behold 2 for $150 without the android data plan?

    Ok, I'll agree that the android data plan is a money making gimmick. Everyone who isn't trying to sell you that data plan will agree with that. That's the whole POINT. The android powered smartphone costs them alot more, both for the actual phone and because the average smartphone uses more data than the average data enabled smartphone.

    Unless I'm missing something, if you paid $150 for the Behold 2 and don't have the expensive data plan, they should sell you a contract-free vibrant for $350 and your returned behold 2. Or a straight swap + the $30/month data with a 2 year contract. That's what the fair deal is here.
  5. psz

    psz Android Enthusiast

    They bill you immediately. It doesn't show up as a Payable amount (Mine showed $0 owed), but it CAN put you over the spending limit if you do auto-pay (Which can lead to a suspended account). Once they receive your B2 back, they remove the "charge" from your account.

    Again, one five minute phone call to T-Mobile fixed the account suspension in my case, so it wasn't really an issue.
  6. dctony2010

    dctony2010 Newbie

    I have auto-pay, so it looks like I will run into this problem as well.

    Also, to all who have returned the Behold 2, do you send just the phone back or everything in the original box?
  7. mahgnillig

    mahgnillig Newbie

    I got my Vibrant yesterday afternoon and so far I'm a happy camper. They didn't send me any instructions on how to return my Behold 2 though... anyone know what I'm supposed to do with it?
  8. kens1999

    kens1999 Lurker

    Lets try to keep this informative:) It is great to disagree. It is just stupid to be name calling.

    So I called and got a Theresa. I told her about all of the problems. She informed me that at this point the only resolution is to send us replacement Behold 2 phones since we only had them replaced once.

    I of course said that this was the answer that forced me to call her and that was not the solution at this point of time. She then stated that some person by the name of Jason was handling my case and that I had to talk to him.

    I left a message for Jason so hopefully he will call back shortly.
  9. TeleNubby

    TeleNubby Newbie

    @euph_22, that is exactly what I was trying to get at this entire time. Thank you for understanding unlike a few/one select member(s) of this forum.

    @mwl1119, I don't think you realize that when you pay $105 a month for service (sure, a family plan, if you want me to be fair then I'll say roughly $35 a month) for the length of your contract, and do not receive what you have been told you were going to receive, being offered something I could have already done does not make up for the $1260/$420 (plus another $150 for the phone) I spent. The entire point of a complaint such as the one I have been talking about is to achieve satisfaction in a desired way because said satisfaction was never achieved in the first place. I did not take time to make a complaint and/or request to be offered something that I could have made do with weeks earlier without contacting corporate. I apologize for the unnecessary name calling we went through during the length of our argument; we obviously have two different points of view. You have more of a 'its a business, money is priority' perspective on life whilst I have more of a 'its a business, but without a userbase there is no money to prioritize' perspective. Cheers.
  10. dreahdreah

    dreahdreah Member

    curious..how many of you that are being offered virbant or other phones are em+?
  11. the1who

    the1who Well-Known Member

    Yeah they didn't provide any instructions either but the ECR I was working with said and did email the instructions. If you think you need me to pm you the instructions I can.

    I on the EM+ plan.
  12. shahn18

    shahn18 Newbie

    OK, here is my result. I emailed them yesterday, got a call 15 mins ago, a lady named Teresa, she could only offer me $170 to exchange vibrant. I think it's because I got BH II for free when I extended 2 -year service. then I decided to return the BH II and cancel my extension. She agreed and credited $10 for shipping fee. If anyone here got BH II for fee and also got vibrant exchanged for free, please let me know. I may try again. otherwise I will wait next run.

    Thank you all for help! This is a great place!!


    BTW, during the conversation, the call was dropped off, it showed the problem vividly
  13. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    This was after contacting Dotson's office? Or is she in Dotson's office? I sent an email yesterday addressing my issues and disappointment but I'm wondering if those earlier in the thread lucked out and at this point they are going to be a little less generous.

    I went to the Tmobile store the other day and was playing with one of the 2.1 phones and it just pissed me off more. :/
  14. mikoo

    mikoo Newbie


    They gave me Vibrant for free as long as I replace my BH II.

    I did get BH II for free when I upgraded and I didn't have data plan either. I had my BH II got replaced couple of times but continued to have same problems and all was documented. Finally when I called Executive Customer Service, I was offered Vibrant for free without any trouble.

    So try again and hope you end up talking to someone else who would give you Vibrant for free.

    Good luck
    shahn18 likes this.
  15. shahn18

    shahn18 Newbie

    very encourag me, mikoo!! I will try again. How many times you called or email them before they offered you vibrant?
  16. mikoo

    mikoo Newbie

    That was 1st time only but before that I had talked to T-mobile 3 times and they had replaced my phone 2 (BH II) times but problems persist. So when I came across Executive Customer Service #, I called and they right away replaced it with Vibrant.
  17. psz

    psz Android Enthusiast

    Odd... I still have 3G even on the Vibrant....

    BTW: That might be the fastest boot time I've seen in a LONG time. I powered it on, went and turned a light on, came back, and I was at the home screen O_O
  18. coolshades

    coolshades Member

    mikoo, did you pay for the BH2 or through upgrade? I would like to know if they forced Android data plan on you?

  19. psz

    psz Android Enthusiast

    I had upgraded to the Behold II from a Motorola Razr V3.

    I never got the Android Plan (Still don't, hence my confusion in my last post)
    coolshades likes this.
  20. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    44 seconds for my Droid Incredible.

    And just for clarification, do you have the $10 web2go plan?
  21. mikoo

    mikoo Newbie

    Through upgrade and that time, it was free ($25 one time upgrade fee) and didn't force data plan. Now, due to problem with BH II, they replaced it with Vibrant.
  22. psz

    psz Android Enthusiast

    Nope. The $6 TMobileWeb :p

    Same as I had on the Razr and on the Samsung generic t-something flip phone in 2005.
  23. coolshades

    coolshades Member

    psz, can I pm you for a question?
  24. mikoo

    mikoo Newbie

    $6 TMobileWeb? Does T-mobile still offers this?
  25. psz

    psz Android Enthusiast

    Not that I'm aware of. Pretty sure the $10 plan replaced it.

    Oh, and the Vibrant goes from "Pressing the power button" to the "Lock Screen" in about 35 seconds.

    HOWEVER, since it reads from TWO SD Cards (Normal external card, and an internal, non-removable 16GB), it takes another few seconds to really be "Up and Running"

    Oh, and the new TouchWiz?

    May as well call it "ADW Launcher Blatant Ripoff 1.0". This is NOT a bad thing.

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