stupid motorola lol


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i emailed them to get that free replacement battery cover at first they wanted me to buy it but i got them to send it to be for free i get a package today and its a battery not a cover i emailed them back..the saga continues


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So the reason they wanted you to buy it is because they thought you wanted the battery itself. Just... out of curiosity... what did you say to get them to actually send you a free battery!? ;)


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actually no thats not the reason they wanted me to buy because they knew it was the cover i was talking about because in the first response in which they wanted me to buy it they sent me a link to buy the battery cover for 10 dollars..

what i wrote was something like why should i have to buy something thats faulty on the phone when i bought it in no way should i have to pay to replace something that the manufacture messed up on

then they replied and told me they would send me it for free this one time and i got a follow up specifically stating that my "battery back cover" was shipped which makes it even funnier because i was told the right thing was shipped but was shipped the wrong thing

so im waiting on a response if they dont ask form e to return the battery of course im going to keep it why not,doesnt hurt to have a spare


I had a problem with my battery cover too. I actually lost it for a day and I was really angry. I did find it though in my buddy's car where I had been sitting.

Fixing the battery door was very easy. I just took the cover off and bent the hinges ever so slightly inward so that now the cover fits snugly.

I heard there's a video floating around on this forum too demonstrating how to fix it? I couldn't find it or I'd link it here.


I swear I saw (somewhere) that Moto was offering free backs to anyone who got one that did not fit properly, there was even a apology from them. That makes this even funnier and more curious! If they really are offering them for free why did they think you should pay $10 for it? I think they are only about $5 at Verizon anyway.
Stupid Motorola indeed.


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just got a they didnt comment on me being sent the battery but they said again that back cover is now being sent has a different order number and everything so hopefully this time i get the back cover

so looks like ill have a new battery and back cover for free if all goes well lol