Feb 19, 2010
Gainesville, FL
I finally got my new eris last night, I dropped my first one and cracked the screen. The new one has a notification I wasn't getting before. When I get a new email on the new phone I get a notification that uses an @ and shows 300 and something unread emails. Before, on the phone that I dropped, I had a mail icon and it only showed like 1 or 2, whatever happened to be new since I last checked. Is there any way I can get it to notify me like it did before with the mail icon?

I tried to search this on google and on here however I didn't find anything. Also I really didn't know how to word it for the search. So if this is something that has been brought up before, sorry.
The @ means it's your gmail.

Did you use a different Gmail account last time than this time?

It might be fastest to go to http://www.gmail.com/ on your computer, and 'select all' and then Actions > Mark as read, and mark them all as read.

If you don't want to use your Gmail on your phone, just stop it from syncing.

Home > Settings > Data Synchronization > Gmail (uncheck the box for Gmail).
I think I just figured out that my gmail notifications were probably turned off on the old phone but I had my mail notifications on and configured to look at my gmail as well. That would make me only see the mail notification and I could view the mail in my mail widget.

If this doesn't work I'll clear my inbox and use that option. Thanks