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Stupid Question: Difference between Droid and Milestone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acme2ajax, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. acme2ajax

    acme2ajax Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I am from India and have the Motorola Milestone (as its called here)

    Question is, can i install all the custom roms and roots for Droid on my Milestone?

    I know its a stupid question....but hey....u have to cover as much bases as possible :)

    Dunno if this question has been asked before, but would appreciate an answer...for me to discover this world of customising....


  2. StLouis

    StLouis Member

    Oh, it's not really a stupid question, at first glance, the devices seem the same, but with a different name after all.
    But unfortunately, no, that is not possible. The Droid's bootloader is free, but the Milestone's is, like the Droid X's, locked tight. This makes it impossible to install custom roms.
    You can root and overclock the milestone, guides for that can be found here: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-milestone/

    I hope that helped ;)
  3. acme2ajax

    acme2ajax Lurker
    Thread Starter

    That actually helped...So i can overclock and stuff...but cannot install custom roms...
    Ok...lets hope that bootloader is broken.
  4. GlitchZero

    GlitchZero Well-Known Member

    There are a few flashes you can do while keeping the 2.1 kernel, such as MotoFrenzy, MotoSense, IncrediMoto, and TelusStone, but they're not "true" flashes.
  5. Dwnshft

    Dwnshft Newbie

    Is there any benefits to either of those 4 flash's? Can they be stacked or are they each stand alone?
  6. GlitchZero

    GlitchZero Well-Known Member

    They're each standalone, and it depends on what you want.

    MotoFrenzy is a Froyo "build" that ports most features of Froyo 2.2 over the 2.1 kernel. MotoSense is the HTC Sense interface, IncrediSense is just the HTC Incredible's version of Sense, and TelusStone (Telus Fast and Light) is just a really nice build of Telus' / some European software that's quick, tons of memory (150mb I think?) and a lot of the crapware (MotoNav, etc) stripped out.

    I personally enjoy Telus Fast and Light the most, but that's because I had some issues porting over the HSPA+ GSM files from my stock 2.1 to MotoFrenzy and MotoSense. Also the black notification bar is pretty. :eek:
  7. Dwnshft

    Dwnshft Newbie

    Where can I find the TelusStone flash or some more information on what it deletes and how to install? I'm still pretty fresh with Android. :eek:
  8. GlitchZero

    GlitchZero Well-Known Member

    No problem, me too! I got some guys here telling me where and how to find stuff too.

    Just be careful doing this, you can really mess up your phone unless you follow ALL instructions. If you're NOT on a Telus phone, PM me and let me know, there's a few more resources you'll need loading this particular ROM flash.

    You will need 3 things;

    1. Root access.

    2. OpenRecovery.

    2.5. Make a Nandroid Backup of whatever you have installed right now!

    3. Telus Fast and Light Nandroid Backup.

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