Help stupid route 66 /Navigation


I have the HTC Desire HD and now ore than ever.....everytime i plug my phone into my computer to drop files onto my SD card the navigation boots up and asked me to purchase a dumb licence. It also is blocking the option to open and play files from my computer. Is there a connection? I have tried the debugging button but all it does is launce the nav app. please help. This i sthe first time it has acted like this.


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Hi mr_pimms, I moved your thread here so you can recieve answers from the experts with this device, Welcome to Android Forums!! Hope you enjoy your time here.


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That HTC navigation would be triggered when the DHD is put in a HTC car dock. The car dock's coded microUSB connector caused this, the phone "sees" pin 4&5 are jumped with an electrical resistance.
Dirt and fluff could work like a resistance or a bend pin could do the jumpering.
So you'd have a close look at the phone's and the cable's microUSB connector.
And I'd try an other cable.