Stupid update question from a newbie


Hi there everybody!
I recently found these forums and i think they will be very useful for my lack of knowledge about android.
My first of many stupid questions is about my ZTE Blade Q .
He is running 4.2 Jelly Bean and i want to ask you.
Can i update it to 4.4 kit kat without root?
Welcome to the forums BladeQ. I was unable to find any info about this recently released European device on the ZTE USA website I have access to. Just offhand based on previous experience I would say no you'll have to wait until ZTE releases the KitKat update for your phone in your country. If you can access the ZTE site for the country you purchased it in check there Support Section for your model of the Blade Q and see what's available there.


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Only if ZTE release a 4.4 update for the device. If they do, you'll be able to install it via the software updates menu (which is somewhere under Settings > About).

Android always has to be built for the specific device, so there is no generic 4.4 that you can just install on whatever device you have. Even with root you will need someone to have built a 4.4 ROM for that phone before you can update to it.

P.S. Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to Android Forums.

I moved this thread from Android Lounge to the forum for discussing phones that do not have a dedicated forum. This is the location where there is the best change finding other users of your phone and latest information.

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