Feb 18, 2016
Hi not sure if there is a thread about this. Iv read alot of problems online but no help fixing. My mxq android box stutters when streaminf netflix hulu cravetv. Its not my internet connection cause my tablet and ps3 play perfectly. Iv tried changing video setting from auto to almost all Manuel settings. Iv tried wifi and wired connections. Changed tv settings hulu and netflix quality settings have changed stuff in developer mode. It still stutters on playback like its skipping frames. My kodi streams prefectly smooth HD nice and smooth but other streaming apps stutter. The box is rooted not sure if maybe this is why i dont know why that would matter. It is running 4.4.2 android. The box came pre rooted and loaded with some apps. Iv updated all my netflix app and hulu. Iv read about this problem but that was all posts from a couple years back the problem should be fixed by now. Any ideas as to a fix iv tried a factory reset. I havnt tried reflashing yet just incase theres a better fix. Just seems weird how kodi streams perfectly but netflix and hulu chop.
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