Apr 5, 2016
I have been working with Boost Mobile on this to no avail. They cite that an update is going on in the area. However, I can always use my wife's Motorola phone and there are no issues like that.

It is a horrifying experience when talking to the boss. I am always clear to whoever I am speaking with but I am missing just about one word out of 5 at random no matter who I call or who calls me.

It seems like the issue goes away for a few days and then comes back.

Two negatives....

I bought the phone off of Ebay about 6 months ago....was New in Box.


I dropped it while in it's case about 2 months ago.

The issues seem to have started a bit after that time.

Before I get a new phone,, I thought that I would ask about this issue here.

I have rebooted the phone a billion times. Again, my wife's phone...different model, same location no issues.

I think that drop may have caused a hardware failure

It is certainly possible to likely.....This is the first time that I have ever dropped a phone regardless of any case type where the screen did not crack. No phone has ever done this even though I always end up cracking the screens.

Not completely sure this time around just based on that.
So I am back. Turns out that my phone has a 5G sim in it whereas the connectivity in my area is not officially 5g yet but rather on the fringes.

Boost told me to go ahead and go to the store for $4 and get a new SIM card so that I was not on their extended network. They said that would force my phone back on CDMA until 5g is available in my area in about a month.

I looked at my settings and moved my settings over to WCDMA and no more issues! Well, I couldn't use my phone as a temporary hotspot today but that was quickly remedied by moving the setting back to LTE briefly.