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Success Story of T-Mobile UK flash to 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by paulcooper, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. paulcooper

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    Apr 19, 2010

    Apr 19, 2010
    Many thanks to SJamG who wrote this topic
    How to Flash / Debrand your Desire

    after flashing and 4 OTA updates i just rebooted and i am now running andriod 2.2 on my desire.

    Andriod Version

    BaseBand Version

    Kernel Version

    Build number

    Software number 2.09.405.8

    Browser 3.1

    Think thats it.

    Going to scutinise the phone for the next few days now!!

    1 - Defo good HD 720p (1280 x 720) the quality is nice.
    2 - Speed of the phone and doing thing is better (it was quick anyway)
    3 - New sms app is appealing, works very well.
    4 - Email (push mail to exchange server 2003) is working quickly and so far likes to
    not send emails out of peak time. (given it some heavey testing)
    5 - Browser is quick to load and processes pages quickly (using 3g)
    6 - wifi is much nicer finds, and uses it quickly. I have 7 routers here and connects
    to each one easily.
    7 - bluetooth works a lot better with my Parrot carkit ck3200, ALL contacts now
    sync with photo.
    8 - Battery life seems ok given the amount of hammering it's had from a full charge at
    5pm to now at 01:11 it's got 48% left and thats after the upgrade downloads
    over wifi (30mb) and playing with it. impressive
    9 - Weather shows my town name of Bridlington
    10 - Google maps and Navigation works amazingly - seems to render satellite view
    11 - www.tvcatchup.com works brilliantly due to the Flash 10 player so many
    websites work better now
    12 - I can now view my own website properly - www.VictoriaHouseBridlington.co.uk
    13 - facebook app works so much better and even has an inbox that works
    14 - a number of my apps are on the SD-card, they dont install by default to the SD
    as you dont get a choice, but you can goto - menu / settings / Applications /
    Manage Applications
    you can select the app and move it to the sd card - i presume it the app and
    not the install
    15 - Marketplace works a treat, finds and loads so much quicker
    16 - volume of caller sounds clearer and when on speaker phone too - but not the
    best, thats hardware not software.
    17 - Sky Sports I can now view
    http://live.skysports.com/ScoreCentre/football.html so when in town and the
    wife is shopping i can check the footy scores live - A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT
    18 - I can do my online banking
    19 - all my contacts phone and email have synced from my exchange server
    20 - Youtube on 3g is bareable, much better than befoe.
    21 - google maps navigation works fine just as expected.
    22 - wifi hotspot - turned it on and bang laptop noticed it connected asked for
    password (which i had not set) but the desire shows a notification and shows
    you the code - simples.
    23 - Flashlights as a std app is cool
    24 - ebay works well too.
    25 - So does msn messenger
    26 - marketplace notified me of an update earlier
    27 - my emails peak/offpeak time is working correctly
    28 - Battery seems to be lasting given the amount of usage i have done.

    to be honest a great upgrade - cant say it was a massive upgrade, but a lot has been fixed, fingers crossed

    Hope this was helpful people

    Still i have no complaints or issues with my t-mobile UK desire on 2.2 absolutley everything works, even my problem with emails coming though out of peak times, which was my only issue with 2.1.



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