Root Successful root - How do I backup with Titanium Backup Pro? Freeze or delete apps?


I just completed a quick and successful root and bought Titanium Backup Pro. Now I need some guidance on how to proceed from here, specifically what kind of backup I want to make. As I type this I batch backup of all user apps + system data, but at the same time I'm not too sure if this is what I'm supposed to do.

Once I have a backup, can / do I move it to the SD card or move it to a computer for archival / future reference? Also should I freeze or delete apps on the Commando? I'm not looking to go nuts, just get rid of a few major pieces of bloatware (at least at first...).

Thanks for help!


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Right or wrong, thats pretty much what I did.
Completed the Batch backup of apps and data as you said.
I ran it twice, once with the stock sdcard and once with the one from my last phone...this gave me a backup of my backup.

Then I visually checked the list of apps in the phone to be sure everything was listed as having been backed up.

Next, I started freezing apps. Sometimes even freezing did not stop certain apps from being run though........keep that in mind.

Once I am positive that I can live without an app, I remove it.

Be careful. Removing certain apps can brick your phone, or force it into an endless error reporting loop.


I wouldn't move them to sd card. I did this and it is more hassle than its worth and really did no good. I know it sounded safer to me too, I just had to learn its not. Just back them all up then then uninstall and it will put a line through it and move it to the bottom. You can restore it if you later decide you need. Use the list that's already been made and you should be pretty safe. No need to remove anything else thats not on that list unless you know what it is for sure, as you phone will be plenty fast and battery will last the whole day!!


I just rooted and backed up my commando and was wondering the same thing. You just said to use the list and it should be safe, but what list are you talking about?