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Support Successfully installed new firmware through Kies... BUT...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tupique, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. tupique

    tupique Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 5, 2010
    I finally managed to install new firmware through Kies.

    I live in Indonesia, bought the phone from a gadgets store. The phone is unlocked/sim free/unbranded.

    The original firmware code (dial *#1234#):
    PDA: I9000DXJF4
    Phone: Unknown <-- what the ??
    CSC: I9000OLBJF4

    And this is what I've done:

    • Downloading and installing Kies from Australia instead of Indonesia. The version number is higher The important 64-bit drivers already included. Installed smoothly on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, but had driver problem in Windows Vista Home 32-bit. I don't bother to try to reinstall Kies in Vista again though, so I don't know if this version is really not working in Vista 32-bit.
    • Press/dial *#272*HhMm# (Hh and Mm is hour and minute in 24H format, 2 digits) then select the code from the list equal to "Sales Code" at the top, which is XSE (Indonesia), and press Install. Warning, this step will erase the internal SD card. Make backup first if you must. Android then began to installing "something".
    • After the installation from step two is completed, the phone will reboot itself. To make sure that everything is still working (no more downloaded Applications or Contacts though, everything was wiped out), I did reboot the phone once again. The phone works normally. But my phone type was still "Unknown" at this point.
    • Without changing any setting in the phone and Kies, I connect the USB to the phone, Kies fired up automatically, and voila! My phone was detected, and Kies also gave me a notification that a new firmware is available (I9000DXJG4). So, I downloaded and applied the firmware.
    • New firmware installed successfully. Works better and faster/smoother than DXJF4. GPS is much better now. Love it. Dial *#1234# gives me this now:
      PDA: I9000DXJG4
      Phone: I9000DXJG4 <-- yay! :D
      CSC: I9000OLBJG4
    • In this firmware, Samsung also includes an application/widget called "Task Manager", which is pretty much like those "Task Killer" apps in the market.

    And now, The Buts!

    • YouTube (APK) is not working. In JF4 it worked well.
    • Android Market now can't download every item I selected, but it can show the list normally. I did login successfully using my Google account.
    • Samsung Kies detected the phone but now giving me this warning "The SIM card is not inserted, can't continue communication". The SIM card is inside the phone!

    Samsung Kies really gives me a headache, literally. Old problems fixed, new problems arise. Anyone knows how to solve that three problems? Please?

    Or, should I redo the *#272*HhMm# procedure once again after installing the new firmware?



  2. tupique

    tupique Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 5, 2010
    Did some experiment and it was a success.

    So, I did a Factory Reset. All caches and some data are gone, but all downloaded applications and contacts are still intact. YouTube (APK) is now working and I can access Android Market again. The big downside: My phone type is back to "Unknown"!

    Next, I dialed *#272*HhMm# again, let the phone reboot and setting up itself. And voila! The phone type is back to normal again "I9000DXJG4".

    YouTube app and Android Market is still working normally. I haven't try to connect the phone to Kies though.

    I read somewhere in xda-developer forum that after upgrading (and downgrading maybe?) the phone firmware you need to do a Factory Reset first, so you need to backup your data before upgrading/downgrading.

    I think that's the answer of my question above. And dialing *#272... completes the whole process in my case.

    My impression of JG4? It's fast and responsive. It's a great piece of firmware.

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