Root Successfully rooted but struggling with apps????

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Hoping someone can shed a little light.
So i succesfully rooted my nexus 7...yay.
I seem to be finding it hard to find concrete info on how to run aps for free.
I have downloaded a n.o.v.a. 4 .apk - gets stuck in veryfying files loop
BLOPS Zombies- Goes to black screen saying failed to verify
Modern Combat 4- close crashes.
Dodonpachi resurection-fails to verify
Espgaluda 2-fails to verify
These are all aps which dl the data in app.
I realise that these particular apps are likely ones with added protection but it feels like I am just a simple step/patch away from running these apps?
What is the most up to date way of using free apps?
i thought it was maybe because i needed to install a rom to bypass the security checks so i tried to install cyanogen mod 10. This resulted in stuck on cyanogen update loop. So i restored and am no closer to getting these apps to run. Its worth mentioning that dead space works fine. Please help someone im getting frustrated now since ive now wasted days of my holidays doing this....My gf is getting pissed now aswell lol.


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I am going to move this to the All Things Root Guide for the Nexus 7 to see if we can get you some help.


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To add to what Jeff said, if you think about it, pirating an app is actually theft since the apps your trying to run are paid apps if that is what your trying to do.

The right thing to do here is just paying the couple bucks and supporting the dev for future releases of the app.

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