Sep 12, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I've been having a problem recently with my battery life. I used to get a full day plus out of my Galaxy S and recently I've been lucky to make it much past noon just one standby. I don't really know what's changed and i'm not sure how to tell what's gobbling my battery. I was just hoping someone might have some advice. I've checked other threads and done searches but nothing has helped thus far.

I think I'm just on 2.2, that's what I have for a firmware version in my phone info section. It's strange because I update my firmware and everything was fine for awhile but this problem just popped up about a week or two ago. I haven't been able to identify what might have changed. Is there way to check what applications are using CPU cycles or something like that? I also noticed the other day that my phone was quite warm, just sitting in my pocket on standby. It's starting to be a real pain.

Thanks for your help,
Just in case anyone had the same problem I solved mine.

The problem was the Samsung Social Hub wake lock. It was keeping the phone running almost all the time and killing my batter super fast. There was a social hub update in the samsung apps store which I installed and the problem, and the wake lock, have both gone away. If anyone else has similar problems I suggest checking what's using hte battery with *#*#4636#*#* and then removing/updating the offending application.

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