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Support Sudden Battery Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jaydroid88, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. jaydroid88

    jaydroid88 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 21, 2011
    Student (Business)
    Los Angeles, CA
    I was getting fairly decent usage out of my bolt as far as battery goes. About 2 days ago my battery has been draining very fast and according to battery usage, cell idle is the culprit. Nothing that I'm aware of has changed, and I havent downloaded anything that is constantly draining the battery. I've restarted my phone several times and it hasnt been resolved. Any ideas? Thanks!


  2. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2011
    Senior Manager, Scientific Communications (pharmac
    When you restart the phone, do you turn it all the way off? Do you have Fast boot enabled? Try a battery pull, see if that helps.
  3. DCoy82

    DCoy82 Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2010
    Install Spare Parts app then goto Battery History, chose partial wake usage; total since boot and that'll show which app is preventing your phone from going to sleep usually if you have one that is much higher than the rest.
  4. Dex

    Dex Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    Mobile Tech Support
    Man, the EXACT same thing has been happening to my phone. For weeks now, since I flashed the last update for Das BAMF, my phone has had relatively awesome battery life. I mean, it isn't stellar, but it is way better than it was.

    All of a sudden Friday when I got to work, around 7 pm, the battery decided to suck. By 10 pm I was down to 63%. By midnight I was around 40. By 1 am I hit the 20s and put it on the charger at work. I haven't made any real modifications to the phone. No new apps or games, no strange things floating around. I don't have a bunch of widgets all over the place. I haven't changed my usage or where I go (work and home). The battery seems to have just got into a funk.

    Last night (Saturday) when I got to work and put the phone down it started to do the same thing. Just completely took a dump. I left it on the charger all night and randomly went back to bump charge over and over. I have been home for about 2 and a half hours (I love 15 minutes from work) and I am down to 47%. In under 3 hours.

    It's really kind of annoying. I actually came here to vent and see if anyone else was having this issue.

    I am in the middle Tennessee area. I have a strong 4G connection at my home and a so/so one at work.
  5. rabernet

    rabernet Well-Known Member

    I've also noticed sudden battery drain this past week. In fact, my co-worker heard me venting "what is chewing up my battery???"

    I charge through the computer at work, and it charges at a respectable rate, but it was just not budging this week, and was in fact losing some more battery power while on the charger.

    I did a re-boot (without Fastboot) and checked recently installed apps to ensure that they were not on.
  6. Whatstreet

    Whatstreet Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2011
    Fremont, CA
    Things like that have happened to me. Each time it turned out to be some app that was running all the time. At the rate of discharge it must have been running the mobile data radio. I suppose it could have been the apps settings but I have no patience for apps that hog the battery so I uninstall.
  7. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2010
    Chicago/NW Indiana
    I also have been having MAJOR battery problems!!! On a full charge today from 8am to 5pm only sending/receiving 10 texts my battery died with the extended 2750.......WTMF is that????
  8. jimmyz80

    jimmyz80 New Member

    Mar 29, 2011
    Weird, I'm having the same problem. The last two days I haven't been able to get more than about 12 hours out of my bolt running BAMF 1.7. Normally I'm able to go to bed with 60-70% remaining.
  9. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2010
    I'm experiencing similar issues as well. Seems that my issues are centered around gps. I used it for roughly a half hour trip this evening. When I arrived at my destination, I exited google maps and had a little more than half my battery left. About an hour later I got the blinking red notification that i had 10% remaining. The weird part is that when I checked what was using the battery, neither google maps nor gps were listed. Only items listed were standby, voice calls, display, and idle.
    Had the same issue yesterday when I used the gps for roughly an hour trip.

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